Gabriella Fox in Bad Girls

gabriella-fox-bad-girlsEverybody knows that bad girls have more fun, and the Digital Playground girls are the baddest on the block. “Digital Playground’s Bad Girls” is the latest kinky gonzo from acclaimed director Robby D. Contract stars Stoya, Gabriella Fox, and Shay Jordan are naughty and begging to be punished. Ramon gives Gabriella the fucking of her life, while Scott makes Shay beg for his big cock in her pussy. In her first released B/G/G, Stoya learns that two is always better than one when it comes to dicks. She sucks and fucks Mick and Tony at the same time. Kelly Summer and Serena del Rio join in the hot, deviant fun in this must-have new offering.



Bad Girls is a five-scene all-sex movie in which the unifying theme is, as you might expect, “bad girl” sex. Four of the scenes feature mild bondage and/or blindfolded sex. Interestingly, girls andguys spend some time blindfolded or restrained. That’s kind of unique, in my experience.

Bad Girls features a very good cast of “bad girls.” including Gabriella Fox, who, in my opinion, is breathtakingly gorgeous and the personification of beauty, gives perhaps the best sexual performance of her short career. Kudos, Gabriella!

If you are looking to add another movie featuring Gabriella Fox to your collection then I highly recommend this one.


The best things about Bad Girls include:

  • Gabriella Fox’s body. Wow! If you haven’t seen this wet-dream come to life, get your hands on a copy of Bad Girls (or another of her recent movies) right away.
  • Kelly Summer’s body…and her eyes. This girl is absolutely intoxicating.

Scene:1  Gabriella Fox poses atop her bed for her boyfriend Ramon Nomar as he snaps instant photos of her while she teases him with increasingly-suggestive moves and strips off her yellow and pink fishnet bikini outfit. Damn, she’s FINE! Her rock hard body, demure smile, dark hair, and in-your-face tits are as perfect as a woman can be! Soon, Ramon simply has to suckle her erect nipples, lick her fine body, kiss her inviting mouth, and stroke her panty-clad pussy. Responding lustily to his caresses, Gabriella begins to tear off his clothes while continuing to devour his mouth and tongue. Ramon, continuing to snap racy photos, squeezes, licks, and caresses Gabriella’s incredible body and then buries his greedy face between her wide-open legs so that he can lick and bite her pussy through her panties. Of course, pussy is much tastier uncovered. So, Ramon rips off Gabriella’s panties and then greedily devours her beautiful labia, licks her clit, and tongue- and finger-fucks her vagina. Gabriella loves his technique and responds by cooing happily, by squeezing her fine tits, and by undulating her sexy body. Bypassing fellatio for now, Ramon slides behind Gabriella, hungrily kisses her mouth, slides his cock into her pussy in spoon, and then fucks her with increasingly deep strokes as she matches his thrusts with her own sexy moves, squeals with delight, and strokes her clit with her perfectly manicured fingers. Of course, Gabriella’s big boobs dance erotically as they pound each other. After a short respite for slobbery pussy-to-mouth (Gabriella’s body looks so fucking fine as she kneels on all fours to service his dick), Gabriella mounts and rides Ramon in cowgirl as he pistons in-and-out at redline speed. Gabriella fucks back enthusiastically, dangles her gorgeous breasts inches away from Ramon’s lucky face, and kisses his open mouth. As the scene unfolds, Gabriella and Ramon enjoy gorgeous-to-behold reverse cowgirl. Superb close-ups and camera angles highlight the action as Gabriella hurls her incredible body up-and-down on Ramon’s dick. Meanwhile, Ramon reaches around and fingers Gabriella’s clit. Ramon and Gabriella take turns doing the fucking and, during one of Ramon’s “turns,” he frenziedly fucks her to a delightful orgasm. Afterward, she takes over and uses very erotic moves to continue fucking his dick…and keep her pleasure flowing. In due course, Ramon and Gabriella transition their sweat-soaked bodies to kneeling doggie. Before continuing to ream her pussy, however, Ramon takes an opportunity to lap up her girl-juice with his tongue. Then, he slips back in and pounds her fast and deep while snapping pictures of the action with his Polaroid camera. And, he takes a few opportunities to gape her pretty pussy for us, too. Next, Ramon has Gabriella lie on her back and then uses his well-practiced fingers to frantically ream her sloshing pussy… and make her cum like a volcano as her juice soaks his hand. After sharing a hungry kiss, Ramon lifts Gabriella and, while he kneels on the bed, he slides her body down until her vagina swallows his dick. Then, as he holds her aloft, while kneeling and then while standing, Gabriella dances frantically up-and-down on his penis (great camera angles and gaping pussy shots). After a while, Gabriella climbs off Ramon, sucks her girl-juice off of his dick, and then enjoys another amazing finger-fucking that makes her dripping-wet cunt cum yet again. She even squirts a bit! Gabriella sucks her juice off of Ramon’s hand and then kisses him to share the bounty. Then, they again enjoy standing sex. This time, however, Ramon holds Gabriella facing away from him so that he can fuck her from behind while the videographer captures excellent footage from below. God, Gabriella looks WONDERFUL when shot from below! Actually, she looks fine any way she’s captured! As this excellent scene continues to unfold, Gabriella again sucks Ramon’s cock clean…this time she lays on her belly between his legs while she blows him. This makes it possible for him to shoot lots of point-of-view shots of her licking, stroking, and gobbling his rod and his lucky balls. Meanwhile, she begs him to cum on her face. Taking matters into her own hands, so to speak, she jacks his cock ferociously. Ramon so enjoys Gabriella’s technique that he repays her with another bout of intense finger-fucking that makes her cum…and squirt a little. To finish up, Ramon takes control of his cock, jacks it with frenzied strokes, and then, while he shivers with lust, he explodes all over Gabriella’s pretty face. Once his spasms have receded, Gabriella takes his cock into her mouth and sucks it dry as his semen dribble down her chin, cheeks, and tits. “Good girl!” observes Ramon. Indeed.

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